About Us

An accredited institute
English Conversation @ la Carte

Our Raison d'Etre

Founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1992, Accent Anglais - "Accent on English" was initially conceived in 1985 by U.S. natives and duo citizens Richard and Charlene (Godlewski) Chassé. Dedicated, diplomaed English/French language teachers since 1975, their innovative spirit and extensive experience with all ages at all levels gave birth to the concept, "l'anglais à la carte" -- English à la carte"-- customized English Second Language programs uniquely responding to their students' personal and professional needs anytime, anywhere.

Why the Name Accent Anglais?

For two reasons: The first and foremost, to "accent-uate" every expressive aspect of the official international language of business and diplomacy, and to enjoyably facilitate its assimilation by our clients. The second, an "A" for effort: To go to the head of the list of language schools, both literally and figuratively (for us, quality comes before quantity not only in the dictionary, but in service also!

All About Us...Qualifications

Richard and Charlene, language-certified co-founders of Accent Anglais, as well as its entire teaching staff, have acquired and cultivated extensive experience in ESL and other pertinent professional fields. Moreover, our school is accredited by Emploi-Québec and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC/DRHC - Développement des ressources humaines du Canada), having fulfilled all Provincial and Federal government requirements to offer language training in both the public and private sectors.

Our "@ la carte" Menu

We at Accent Anglais have designed an efficient nine-level English conversational "Classic" program streamlined to cover the essential grammatical and functional objectives. Those, and our Conversational "Forums", are generally offered in 15 hour sessions (ten 90 minute lessons). Intensive sessions are also offered, as well as hourly Express séances and Telephone practice.

We have also conceived an exceptional gamut of social practice activities to stimulate conversation and boost self-assurance - open to all - around town and elsewhere.


A personal interview for each individual is recommended in order to determine their level of competency, establish points of priority and long-term goals, and to integrate candidates into homogenous groups according to their level, requested course time / frequency, and specific requirements. A nominal registration fee includes the initial interview, personal course programming, and file processing/follow-up. Course fees are usually payable at the first lesson during contract signing, but company billing is also an option.

Fees, are subject to NEITHER provincial (Q.S.T.) NOR federal (G.S.T) taxes, but are deductible.

Didactic Material

Due to the personalized nature of our programs, lesson sheets and oral/written exercises are provided for a minimal fee.

Optional grammar manuals and support references may be suggested for individual needs.

Learning...Likely, and Likeable

Our -- your -- courses are geared and conducive to oral communication in a stimulating, yet relaxing atmosphere. Other types of specialized courses, such as writing or business, are available upon request.

Each Course Session is limited to between 1 and 4 students to ensure quality participation. Groups of up to 5 students are permitted in companies, by special request.


After each session, our students are issued official tax receipts, a certificate of completion and a detailed progress report indicating the classical level achieved. Receipts to companies reimbursing their employees' training are also provided.

School's In -- It's a Date!

Learning with Accent anglais is offered year-round at your convenience, in response to your personal/professional needs, either at the work place, at our learning center in Charny on Quebec City's south shore, at home, or at your chosen location.

And please remember: Effective learning is the result of the realization that